Wine Club Calendar

Mitchell Katz Winery 2015 Calendar of Events


January 2015:

Jan 31st- Fat Boy Release Party.


February 2015:

February 27th- First Pick-Up date for Q1 club release

March 2015:
March 14th - Q1 Release Party


May 2015:

May 29th- First Pick-Up date for Q2 club release


June 2015:
June 13th- Q2 Release Party


August 2015:

August 28th- First Pick-Up date for Q3 club release


September 2015:
Sept 12th - Q3 Release Party

October 2015:
Oct 24th- Halloween Costume Party

November 2015:
Nov 13th- First Pick-up date for Q4 club release.

December 2015:
Dec 12th- Q4 Release Party


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