The Winery & Wines Produced

Mitchell Katz Winery is an innovative Livermore Valley winery dedicated exclusively to producing single-vineyard wines that capture the essence of each vineyard.

Mitchell Katz has built an impressive portfolio of vineyards that allows selection of the fruit which best exemplifies true varietal character of premium wines.  So critical is the quality of the grape to the character of the wine that winemaker, Mitchell Katz, monitors the vineyards as well as the cellar.

Mitch ensures that only the finest, most intensely flavored grapes are used for Mitchell Katz’ single vineyard wines.  His diligent winemaking approach begins in the vineyard where all grapes are hand-harvested. Through his careful selection of grapes, and use of barrels for both fermentation and aging, Mitch has developed wines that are both an expression of ideal vineyard conditions and thoughtful winemaking.   The results are wines of extraordinary flavor, richness and intensity.

Meet the Winemakers at Mitchell Katz Winery

The Livermore Valley, one of California’s oldest wine regions, has provided fertile ground for Mitch to harvest his dream of hand making affordable, quality wines. The seeds of his vision were planted as a young teen, when Mitchell spent summers helping his grandfather, Reginald Lord, make hand crafted wines. Inspired to carry on the family heritage, Mitch produced a bounty of award winning wines. He prides himself on using only the most pristine Livermore Valley grapes.

Mitchell Katz Winery has been a family affair from the beginning. The winery was started in 1998 in memory of Mitchell’s grandfather who passed at the age of 96. Mitch also named two of his creations, both blended wines, after his son’s, Jackson and Wesley. Mitch considers this venture to be a living memorial to the man who devoted more than a half century to home winemaking

The Team

Zack Thomsen

Assistant Winemaker – Started 2010

An East Bay native, Zack graduated with honors from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. There, he discovered his passion for wine, and with the help of a few friends, fine wine. Upon graduation, he returned to the bay area and worked as an Assistant Restaurant Manger at the Four Seasons, where he would come to direct their wine list.

Realizing his calling was wine, he began working in the tasting room here at Mitchell Katz, with the hopes of eventually helping with harvest. On one fateful day, Mitch was short a hand, and Zack jumped right in…. the job, their friendship, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When not crafting wine with Mitch or playing on the forklift, Zack enjoys drinking old world Riesling, coaching wrestling at MSJ High School, gardening, and spending time with his lovely wife Lindsey.

Michael Charles

Wine Ambassador – Started 2005

A Seattle native and graduate of the University of Washington Michael joined IBM in 1967. During his 30 year career he managed sales, marketing, customer education and financial marketing.

Along the way he developed a love for food and wine and with his wife, joined wine clubs, gourmet groups, a food and wine appreciation guild, and a volunteer group at a cooking school. A trip through the Washington and Oregon wine regions lured him into a second career in the wine industry and five years at Elliston Vineyards served as his apprenticeship. Currently in his ninth year with Mitch, he is proud of the team they have built and the success of the winery.

An avid snow skier Michael can be found on the slopes during the winter. The gypsy in his soul has taken him and Pat all over the world and they continue to search for new places to enjoy food and wine.

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